North Star release British South Africa Company miniatures

North Star have added the first British South Africa Company to their North Star Africa range.

From their announcement:

As part of the North Star Africa. range, we have the first four BSAC riflemen available.

The British South Africa Company belonged to Cecil Rhodes, and he raised a volunteer force to go into Matabeleland in 1893 to take over the kingdom for the company. These four figures represent the basic trooper types that made up the expedition. They fought on foot and mounted, these first figures are on foot skirmishing, there will be more to come, plus mounted versions, characters, maxim guns and wagons.

The figures are 28mm sized, made of metal and supplied unpainted.

Our range of Matabele is nearly complete, six packs are listed on the site right now, three more will be added soon and photos of everything will be added over the next week.

The inspiration for this range has come from playing the rules by Chris Peers, ‘Death in the Dark Continent’. We are running a ‘post free world-wide’ offer on those rules right now.