NorTec – A Company That Cares

CoolMiniOrNot shows off a new bit of Xenoshyft concept art and a bit about the NorTec corporation.



From the preview:

The NorTec Corporation was founded in the year R21A6, and over its glorious 150 year expanse has grown to be one of the wealthiest and most influential corporations in the United Worlds.

Specializing in planetary mining operations, the NorTec Corporation boasts state-of-the-art mining technologies and the latest in planetary travel, with of its planetary vessels capable of independently setting up and carrying out full-scale operations on any new planets discovered and claimed via the United Worlds Exploration Charter.

Along with these advanced technologies and sophisticated operations, the NorTec Corporation also hosts one of the premier private militaries in the United Worlds. -Guide to Corporations of the United Worlds

  • Soulfinger

    Founded in the year 2Banana09, the Bland Corporation specializes in baking bread and processing dietary fiber for senior citizens. It is one of the best-est and most awesome corporations ever with a gigantic military and a personalized Freddie Mercury clone for every employee (with Brian May for executive astrophysicists). Like the majority of futuristic sci-fi corporations, they have a boring history, which is presented in the most pretentious fashion possible, but nobody complains because their security guard uniforms look super cool.

    • tuco

      Looks like I better get on the phone with University of Phoenix and see if they have a dual degree program in Business and Astrophysics. I gotta have me one a them Brian May clones to play badass riffs as I walk into any room.

  • GS_topcow

    these look exactly like the texico faction from mercs…

    • Soulfinger

      And like your avatar or a couple dozen other things. Has there been a halfway original “corporation” faction since Mutant Chronicles?