Norsgard rulebook ready for download

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Apr 10th, 2012

Norsgard Miniatures has the rulebook for their game now available for download from their website.

From the announcement:

The rules are now ready to download. Checkout the Downloads Section! We would also like to thank everybody who took part in playtesting. Have Fun!

In some time our site will also include a forum, where you can exchange your thoughts on the rules and talk about the world of Isbran.

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  • Piston Honda

    This… looks… fun 😀

  • cegorach

    This…looks…like Confrontation using D10s.

    Not that that is a bad thing at all.

  • vanswirr

    Inaccurately. Of course, several similarities are, but combat and shoting mechanic is different completely . In combat it uses many dices, and it causes that combat outcome is less random. There is no such thing like lucky 6,6.
    You have no body part location of damages. there are combat card simulating combat tacitics (defence, full attack). in my opinion there is a lot better mechanic of battle than old confrontation, you can say is far more “fair” than confrontation.

    • cegorach

      It is VERY similar – unless you are referring to the awful prepainted plastic rules? Using a different type of die isn’t a paradigm shift and neither is removing the ‘hit location’ of Confrontation (which wasn’t relevant to anything much and was just a way of totalling wounds in most cases). The laundry list of abilities, the unit stat layouts, the card activations – all spot on for old school Confrontation, and as I said, not a bad thing.

      Given the strong following the old Confrontation rules have, it’s a ready market to be exploited.

      I’d definitely say the rules seem more fair and balanced from a quick look though actual play will show the truth of that.

  • vanswirr

    No,no , im not reffernig to CAoR. The card activation is more warmachine style than conf. I have played some Norsgard yet ( odrer of the ram vs tribe of Mork, both sides), for now i see the game very good balanced. Orks are indyvidually more powerfull and Isil guard is very good in ramming, crows can be veryy irritating for enemy marksmen. In Mork tribals my favorite are Hlle huntress, and for now, scavengers proved to be suprisingly usefull. Special cards and spells are helpfull, but are no brainer game winning devices.

  • vanswirr

    Proof-read –
    Special cards and spells are helpfull, but are NOT no-brainer game winning devices

  • grimbergen

    I have to agree with cegroach… this appears to be a heavily built upon the original Confrontation (ver 1-3.5) rules with changes like using d10s instead of d6, no premade activation decks, no fray splitting, and others. There doesn’t appear to be a damage chart, but it’s similar to Conf’s degrading attribute levels. The stats being used are the same but with different names — even the combing of attack /strength and defense /armor.

    Granted the other changes will give this a different experience, but overall it carries the same concepts.

    And again, this is not a bad thing, that was an awesome game I loved.

  • Veritas

    If you want to play you have to proxy everything, right? I looked at the web page, but could only find two models in the shop.

  • rogue

    Yes, you have to proxy. Range is small, but will grow steadily. From September you can expect regular release each month. The closest release will be in May. Indeed, there are some similiarties with C3, but this is not mere copy. Using D10 instead of D6 changes a lot of things. If you try game you will find differences.

    PS Thanks Vanswirr for so positive feedback!

    Norsgard Team