Norsgard previews new Orc Leader mini

Norsgard will be sending out new box sets soon. They’ve got a preview up of their Orc Chieftan mini for you to look at in the meantime.


From the preview:

Starter boxes for Norsgard the game will be ready for next week. Before adding them to the store I want to show you an orcish leader – Dark Guard. Miniature is around 45mm tall. Infinity miniature is used for size comparison.

  • 4tonmantis

    Hm.. that looks decidedly not like an orc.. or really a chieftan either for that matter..

  • GavinSyme

    I clicked here to see this one and I am confused. Is this the new Orc or a different image used?


    • When they sent the article, I couldn’t find the photo on their actual website, so the links go to their main website, while the photo goes to the link they sent me for the photo, so you can see the photo full-size.

  • rogue

    We are not making typical orcs in GW style. In our game orcs are noble race and they are the main army fighting against undeads and other evil armies.
    In next week I will make major update on the website and than you will be able to learn more.