Norsgard Miniatures previews Oracle of Storms

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Mar 19th, 2012

Norsgard Miniatures previews their Oracle of Storms.

From the preview:

We proudly present the second model in the Norsgard line – the Oracle of Storms. For more information see our Store.

We also have another surprise! Anyone who buys at least two models until the end of March, will have them shipped for free!

What is more, the rules will be available for download by the end of the month.

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  • underthemountain

    Great sculpt. I’m especially fond of the concept art. I wrote about this recently here, if anyone’s interested.

  • Piston Honda

    Have the models.

    They are GREAT.

    Just hope the rules are great, been looking for a fun new skirmish game.

    Bought Malifaux and was sold on the “card drawing system limits the amount of luck”

    Found that to BS. It’s a fun mechanic but it is not less luck based.