Non Player Cards talk about why art is important

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 8th, 2014

Non-Player Cards keeps plugging along on Kickstarter. They’re inching closer to 50% funded. The campaign’s creator, Andreas, is posting up various aspects of the cards over on their page.



From the campaign:

One of my other hobbies is making jewelry, and one of the most important lessons I have learned making and selling jewelry is that quality is king. And honestly, I would feel guilty if I sent you a mediocre product. For our cards, we are treating the same way, raising the bar as high as we can jump.

To do this we are having the cards printed by DriveThroughCARDS (a DriveThroughRPG sister site) using their premium print option. The cards are 2.5” x 3.5” (rounded corners, double-sided & UV coated) using Arjo-Wiggins Playper 305gsm matte with blackcore layer as the paper stock. And if you ask me, the test cards came out waay better than I had hoped 🙂

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  • Nicolay

    From what can be seen, the art is fantastic on this project. More suggestive & moody, not often seen on cards like these, or at least not for an entire range (most aim for the detail-rich method). Good on you for doing it!

    Best of luck with the KS!

  • tuco

    I can see a lot of use from these. I hope they blow the doors off this and make all the stretch goals.

    But I have to wonder at the estimated delivery date. July 2014 to November 2015 seems like an awful long time to produce a deck of cards. I understand that they have to commission all the art and all, but still, 16 months is a pretty long time. I think I’ll wait until they are actually on the shelves.

    • Hi Tuco,
      Thanks for the eager support. We understand that the delivery date is quite stretched out. We wanted to come into the project with realistic expectations on delivery. Here is why we decided on November 2015:

      Kickstarter Ends (August 2014)
      Card Writing, 2-3 months (November 2014)
      Art comissions, 4-6 months (May 2014)
      Product layout,1-2 months (July 2015)
      Print proofing 1-2 months (September 2015)
      Bulk Ordering and receipt, 1 month (October 2015)
      Shipping to backers, 1 month (November 2015)

      Now, as you see, there are plenty of oppertunities for cross-over to quicken project delivery probably up to 6 months earlier. That aside I would rather fare with the worst case delivery than dissapoint my backers with 6 months of delays if it came to that.

      Also, November 2015 is the delivery of the Print Art Book and the Decks themselves, we will be delivering our other rewards as they are completed.

      December 2014 — Reference booklet PDF Delivery
      February 2015 — Print Reference Booklet Delivery
      August/September 2015 — PDF Deck & Art Book Delivery
      November 2015 — Print Deck & Art Book Delivery

  • jedijon

    Raises hand – I know why art is important – because we have eyes.

    Here’s a freebie for ‘ya. Cards depicted square vs. described w/”rounded corners” = not so muy bueno. Also, when it comes to a quick assessment of the explicitly claimed quality…an excerpt; “you will endure, its [sic] always worked that way.”


    • Wow,
      I acutally didn’t notice the corner thing at all. This must have been because the InDesign submission template is square & full-bleed, good catch.