No Quarter Magazine subscriptions now available

Privateer Press is now offering subscriptions to their No Quarter Warmachine and Hordes magazine.

From their website:

Don’t miss a single issue with a subscription to No Quarter Magazine from Privateer Press. Too far from a local gaming store and can’t wait to get your hands on the latest issue? Get the most out of your games with No Quarter delivered right to your door. Each issue features previews of upcoming products, Formula P3 painting tips and expert advice, winning tactics, army building guides, and much more.

Head on over to the Privateer Press Online Store and get your subscription of No Quarter Magazine just in time for the January 2010 issue.

Subscription prices for one year (6 issues, shipping included):
$55.00 – U.S.*
$60.00 – Canada
$48.00 – U.S.*
$55.00 – Canada

No Quarter subscriptions are offered to help those who can’t get to a local gaming store. If your store already supports you by stocking No Quarter Magazine, we hope you will continue to support them in return.

Update: Privateer corrected the price of the subscriptions