No Quarter Magazine Evolving to No Quarter Prime

Privateer Press is updating No Quarter magazine. As they push for more digital content, changing their books and cards to digital releases, No Quarter is looking to supplement that material. The magazine is also moving to a bi-monthly release schedule (that’s one ever-other month. Not twice a month… You’d really think they’d come up with a different word for both of those)…

About the update:

Privateer Press has announced it will retire No Quarter magazine after issue #73 in July and will relaunch the bimonthly publication as No Quarter Prime beginning in September 2017.

“No Quarter has had a great run for the past 12 years, and we’re proud of what it has achieved,” said Chief Creative Officer Matt Wilson, “but in the current era of the new editions of WARMACHINE & HORDES, we need a No Quarter that can keep up with and complement our use of digital content as well as the expanding Iron Kingdoms setting. No Quarter Prime will do exactly that.”

Once the Skorne Command book releases in September, Privateer Press will no longer publish supplemental books for WARMACHINE & HORDES, with the exception of a Force book each year corresponding to the annual release of a new Faction for the games. Instead, all content committed to print for WARMACHINE & HORDES will be found within the pages of No Quarter Prime.

No Quarter Prime will launch with issue #1 in September, and there will be no interruption in the publishing schedule. New issues will continue to release six times a year in January, March, May, July, September, and November. The magazine will remain 112 pages and will continue to be ad-free. The dimensions will change slightly from 8″ x 10.875″ to 8.5″ x 11″. Cover price will increase from $8.50 to $9.00.

The all-new No Quarter Prime will be focused on playable content, original self-contained game experiences, world-expanding lore, and hobby techniques. Each issue will also include an “After Action Report” that recaps the most recent Community Integrated Development cycle and offers the first look at the final version of model stats before the models are released to the public.


  • capnginger

    “Bimonthly” does mean once every 2 months; “bi-” means two, as in bicycle = 2 wheels.

    “Semimonthly” means twice a month, or once every half month; “semi-” means half, as in semicircle = half circle.

  • crazytuco

    So, the price goes up and it comes out every other month, and that required a name change?

  • Darkmantis

    @POLAR_BEAR: technically No Quarter already came out once every two months before the change, so the release schedule remains consistent with the current offering.

  • To be honest, I’m surprised everyone’s focusing on the twist of the English language and not this line, “with the exception of a Force book each year corresponding to the annual release of a new Faction for the games.”

    I figured that’d get everyone’s attention more.

    • Ghool

      Yeah. A new faction every year? That’s huge news.

      • odinsgrandson

        Now I’m considering what exists in the setting that could become a full faction:

        Ordic Military
        Bemothese (giants)
        Orgoth (probably with Deathless)
        Other Dragons’ minions
        Skorne Outcasts
        Gobbers and Bogrin with Drake warbeasts

        A lot of those have been pretty unlikely for a long time. But a lot of them would work really well as a mini faction.


      Most likely a new, unsupported faction every year, like the Convergence, and the Grymkin.

      • odinsgrandson

        Even still, it is a big deal.

        Personally, I don’t mind at all if a faction doesn’t continue to get new releases. Especially with the way that Privateer Press keep up erratas to ensure that older units still work.

      • Ghool

        You mean that by ‘unsupported’ it just doesn’t get many (if any) new releases.
        They are still supported, and all the models continue to work in the game, and at tournaments.

        So there’s no new stuff for it. I like that personally. It’s self-contained and doesn’t require a mint to collect the entire faction.

        Currently the model bloat in the core factions is out of hand, and I can see why they would want to start doing things this way.

        • odinsgrandson

          Yeah- I got into Warmachine way back when all of the factions had a lot of room to grow. Back then, it was a lot more fun to see the new ‘jacks and units that each faction got with the new book.

          But now, I get a lot more excited to see Grymkin, Convergience, Cephylax etc. than I do to see a new set of stuff for the factions that already have too many options.

          The fear would be that a faction with minimal new releases won’t keep up with power creep. But Privateer Press have started doing regular erratas to keep old stuff from falling behind.