Ninja Division November Releases

Ninja Division posted up their November releases for Relic Knights over on their website.


From the post:

November is right around the corner, with new releases for every faction across the Universe! Check out these upcoming releases on the Ninja Division Release Schedule.

Relic Knights:
-Suicide Queen & Rin Farrah — Questing Knight & Unique
-Paragons — Minion Squad
-Black Dragons — Minion Squad
-Hounds of Nozuki — Minion Squad
-Broadside — Minion
-The Prefects & Hasami — Unique Squad & Unique

  • jedijon

    Great paint jobs! They give me those ole Rackham chills.

    • odinsgrandson

      I got to talk to their studio painter at Gencon. Nice guy, and he’s definitely adding some talent to their line.

      I’m not sure how many of these are his (they used to have a different set of painters, and I don’t think they had him re-do everything). The broadside looks like his work to me, but I think the Black Dragons might have been painted before they brought him on board.