Ninja Division Announces Relic Knights: Void Break

Ninja Division has announced their first expansion for Relic Knights, and they’re going in with both feet. The new expansion, called Relic Knights: Void Break, will have 40 new units spread across all 6 factions for the game. The set is designed to be a new jumping-on point as well, with a new rulebook that’s been updated with information from a year of player feedback and various errata and clarifications that’ve been made. This new expansion is going to be coming out in September. Along with all the new models and rules updates, the figure material is getting an update as well. The new figures will be in resin with the large, centerpiece models being in plastic.

From the announcement:

Soda Pop Miniatures announces the new expansion for the Relic Knights® miniature skirmish game: Void Break. Void Break provides a new entry point to join the Relic Knights® game, with a complete ruleset that incorporates errata and updates from over a year of player feedback and every unit entry, both old and new.

Taking place two years after the events of Darkspace Calamity, Void Break continues the Relic Knights® story with new fiction, backgrounds, and history. Void Break introduces over 40 new units across the existing six factions, greatly expanding players’ options when building their cadres. Among the new units, each faction gains access to a new Questing Knight and Relic Knight to lead their forces and unlock new gameplay combinations.

The final models from Darkspace Calamity will begin monthly release in July of this year, with the first Void Break units beginning in September and continuing through the launch of the Void Break book in early 2016. To better capture their stunning detail and over-the-top anime aesthetic, each new and dynamic model will be featured in resin, with large, centerpiece models in plastic.

Relic Knights® is a quick and dynamic tabletop strategy battle game with a card-based system to represent esper—the energy which binds the universe. Players draw and use this esper to unleash devastating attacks and cunning counters upon their foes. Choose from six powerful factions, each playing a vital role in the fate of the universe. Their actions will lead to its salvation or herald the destruction of all things.


  • Odinsgrandson

    Cool. I’m definitely all over this- I wonder what’s coming out for the Prismatics.

    I’m anxious to see what they’ve done with their rules, the game could benefit from a little tweaking here and there.

  • Rob_Jedi

    Looks like those two bots may be radient since they have Ayu Beat on their shoulders

  • I hope they can do something with the Rules. The game had such promise but I feel like the rules system isn’t spot on just yet. Still have 4 factions from the kickstarter waiting to see the light of day.

    • Odinsgrandson

      It looks like that’s the plan. I guess we’ll see when it is released.

    • The rules seemed pretty good, actually. How do you think they could improve?

      • Odinsgrandson

        Mostly in tweaking ways- they’re the kind of thing we see in most first edition games that really go their own way with all of the game mechanics.

        I mean, I’ve watched Malifaux and Warmachine first errata their core rulebook out of existence, and then replace it with an edition 1.5 version (rulebook with errata) and then a 2nd edition that changed some more fundamental things.

        Relic Knight has no more troubles than those games did with their first editions. The problems aren’t damning, but the game would be improved with some tweaking.

  • I can’t wait!