Nightfall Charlotte Reyes preview

AEG have posted a preview of one of the cards from their upcoming Nightfall horror deck building game.

Charlotte Reyes
Charlotte Reyes

From their announcement:

Charlotte Reyes. She’s one of the starting deck cards. 12 cards for every player, 2 each of 6 minions. Each of the 6 represents one of the colors in the game, and only chains to its own color. You’ll notice her “In Play” effect. It is shared by all of the starter cards, essentially if she comes into play, whenever she is destroyed or discarded she removes herself from the game. This way your deck automatically thins out your starting cards as you build up your functioning deck from the cards you buy.

You’ll also note her zero Influence cost and that her name is in gold, these are just reminders that she’s a starter deck card, and to not put her in your discard pile if she was in play.

Illustrated by Daniel Vendrell Oduber.