Nexus Games to attend Speil 2010

Nexus Games will be attending Essen Spiel 2010 and will be selling copies of Magestorm, Dakota and Letters from Whitechapel.

From their announcement:

NG International to release Magestorm, Dakota and Letters from Whitechapel
The Italian games publisher will also present at the show the Revised Edition of Wings of War WWI Deluxe Set and other games released recently, like Battles of Napoleon: The Eagle and The Lion and other Wings of War novelties
NG International, the Italian games publisher operating the Nexus Games and Tenki Games brands, will be present at Essen Spiel 2010 (October 21-24, Germany) with its new games Magestorm, Dakota, Letters from Whitechapel and Wings of War Miniatures WWI Revised Deluxe Set. In the booth 56, hall 12, NG will run demos of these board games. The first copies of the Wings of War WW1 Revised Deluxe Set, Dakota and Magestorm will be available for sale, together with other titles released in the last months, like Battles of Napoleon: The Eagle and The Lion and the new airplane models of Wings of War Miniatures WWI Series IV and Wings of War Miniatures WWII Series II. Visitors will also be able to meet the game designers of many NG International titles: Andrea Angiolino (Wings of War), Piero Cioni (Magestorm and Dakota) Gabriele Mari and Gianluca Santopietro (Lettters from Whitechapel, Garibaldi), Francesco Nepitello and Roberto Di Meglio (War of the Ring, Age of Conan Strategy Board Game) will attend the show and be present at the publisher’s booth.

Another good reason to visit the NG International booth is the chance to buy one of 10 English copies of the War of the Ring Collector’s Edition (which will be on sale at the regular price – 360 euros). The special and limited edition of the award-winning strategy board game based upon the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy by J.R.R.Tolkien features almost 300 painted figures, a special version of the gaming board with increased gaming space and exclusive elvish lettering by the calligrapher Daniel Reeve, high-quality playing cards and dice, in a beautiful engraved wooden box. The edition is limited to 2,000 copies worldwide, and the English version is almost completely sold out.

The novelties Magestorm is a new board game series of fantasy battles fought under the shadow of the magic. While mighty armies clash, powerful mages with godlike powers unleash the forces of magic on the battlefield, helping their mortal allies whereas pursuing their own mysterious goals. In the starter box, players will control the mystical powers of one of four different mages — Firemage, Airmage, Druid, or Fate Guardian—and lead into battle one of the two armies: the human Kragis or the elf-like Láusjan. Victory only can be achieved by perfecting a strategy that balances magic-use with military skill.

The game will hit the stores on November 2010, in four languages: English, Italian, German (in partnership with Heildelberger) and Spanish (with Devir). The suggested price is 79,90 euros.

Dakota is a game inspired by the conquest of the West. Players will take the control of a group of settlers or a tribe of natives, cooperating and competing with all other players to increase the status of his own faction, contending for natural resources which will have different values for settlers and natives. With linear mechanics but with a great attention to the thematic element, the game features an innovative mechanic that allows playing in a balanced way even with a different number of settlers and native players. Dakota is the first game published by NG International using the “TenkiGames” brand and will be available on November 2010 in English, Italian, German (Heidelberger) and Japanese (Hobby Japan). The suggested price is 49,90 59,90 euros.

For players who loves crime and investigation games, NG International presents Letters from Whitechapel, created by the same game designers of Garibaldi and Mister X- Flutch durch Europa. Inspired by Jack The Ripper’s murders and the desperate attempts by Scotland Yard to stop his bloody killings, Letters from Whitechapel is a tense game with an accurate historical setting and very intense artwork and graphics. It will be available in the stores on December 2010 and is published in five languages: Italian, English, German (Heidelberger), Japanese (Hobby Japan) and Spanish (Devir). The suggested price is 39,90 49,90 euros.

For people wanting to start to play the best-seller and award-winning Wings of War game with miniatures, the novelty is the Wings of War Miniatures Revised Deluxe Set, a complete game for 2 to 4 players. This new starting point for Wings of War features the airplanes SPAD XIII, Sopwith Camel, Albatros DVa and Fokker DR.I, with colours only found in this set, piloted by some of the greatest aces of World War I: Frank Luke Jr., Arthur Roy Brown, Paul Baumer and Manfred Von Richthofen. The new WWI Deluxe Set will be available in five languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. The suggested price is 45 euros. Visit NG International at Spiel 2010 at booth 56, hall 12. Further information about the games is available at