Next D&D Collector’s Series mini previewed

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Feb 26th, 2014

Gale Force 9 is showing off a preview of the new Tiefling Warlock box they’re working on as part of their D&D line of miniatures.


From the preview:

Farideh is a fiercely independent warlock who seeks to protect those she loves and right the wrongs of the world. Unfortunately the world at times sees her as one such wrong. A tiefling with one golden and one silver eye, and a retinue of fiery power granted by her pact with the alluring cambion devil Lorcan, Farideh must channel all the blistering energies of the hells to stand against the chaos of the Sundering.

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  • Soulfinger

    These sets are like my nightmare of the worst D&D games possible. If I recall, the first was the Drow War Party. “I want to play a Drow!” is the clarion call of power gamers, and these guys were the scourge of my D&D games as a teen. Oh hey, but they put out Drizzt as well, the character who further propagated people wanting to play dark elves in every damn game through 2nd edition. Now, it’s a Tiefling, which is like 3.5/4th edition’s Drow 2.0. You just know that if someone shows up to your table wanting to play a Tiefling that they are going to screw up your game. That character description alone bleeds 8th grade min-maxer.

    I like how the cambion guy is wearing one of those Right Said Fred mesh T-shirts though. Demons don’t give a sh*t about fashion! It’s all about looking like a background actor in a Sisters of Mercy music video.

    • tuco

      Tieflings, Sweet! I have been playing Tieflings exclusively through 3.5/4th. Before that all I liked to play was Drow because I’ve always been the original fan of Drizz’t.

    • KelRiever

      What every Soulfinger campaign needs:

      This is not my idea by the way, but a good one from a friend.

      In your D&D setting, there is a ‘notorious’ guild, of angsty drow, PITA tieflings, and two-weapon wielding, all clad in black, cloaked assassins. They think they are total badasses. In reality, they fight about as good as clowns, are idiots, and everyone in your world knows it. So, whenever your average citizen sees a drow, a tiefling, or an all-black clad, cloaked person, they laugh their asses off and won’t hire them for anything. Sometimes, they are also arrested and thrown in a hanging cage, so passerbys can throw rotten cabbage at them.

      I really think it will improve your campaigns, Souly!

  • Zemlod

    Issues of powergaming aside, I’m rather underwhelmed by these sculpts. Considering the price that’ll be attached to these limited edition resins, I think I’ll be better of with something from Reaper (probably even in bones-plastic…).

  • 4tonmantis

    Collector’s .. with those sculpts? Are these Clix or something?