News gathering changes

By tgn_admin
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Jul 21st, 2011

My recent upgrade to Mac OS X Lion has accelerated a change that I was planning for the future. Initially when I started the site, a majority of news was gathered using a piece of software called Website Watcher. Over the years that changed until most of the news was either submitted via the News Submission form or gathered using RSS feeds. I have created an automated workflow around Mail and my RSS reader so that I can quickly post news using those applications.

Sadly I can’t do that with Website Watcher and as time has gone on that application has been used less and less. The app is a Windows app that is run using Parallels which lets me run Window on my Mac but the version I use no longer works under OS X and given how little news there is that gets posted from that app it isn’t worth me updating considering the cost.

For the most part this won’t mean much of a change since there isn’t a lot of news that comes from Website Watcher but there are some companies that don’t send news directly or don’t have an RSS feed for their sites. I’ve emailed a few of these companies and outlined the options they have for getting news posted but if there are news items that you don’t see in the future you might want to email the company in question and ask them to add an RSS feed or send news to TGN directly.

  • Very insightful. Thanks for showing us what goes on behind the curtain. 8^)

  • Osbad

    Judging from the volume of prize support for the recent fundraiser, it is clear that many companies really appreciate the service that TGN provides and get what the web can do for them. Those companies that do not appreciate the value of “advertising” on TGN deserve the reduction in sales volume and revenue flows that is an inevitable consequence. Those that do appreciate it but cannot improve their information flow because they are small and have limited resources of time or money (or both!) could perhaps benefit from the goodwill of the gaming community and ask for help from it! There’s often very little a skilled geek won’t do for free cool product! 😉