News from TB Line – Hispanics in 10mm

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Oct 25th, 2011

TB Line announces new 10mm miniatures added to their line:

From their announcement:

Ladies and gentlemen,
we are proud to present our last productions the Iberian for the Punics War.

I would like to give special thanks to a dear friend, as well as renowned historian, wargamer, and a man of wide availability, which has provided his knowledge as an auditor of the range.

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  • abelp01

    Wouldn’t they more correctly be classified as Celt-Iberians?

  • tridente.bologna

    The Iberian Peninsula in the third century BC was populated by different populations. As Tito Livio tells us, were present Vaccei, Carpetani, Olcadi, Turdetani, etc. … without considering the tribes Celtibere, more similar to those Gallic. But all this counts as political framework rather than the art of war.
    In an era where military equipment was still supplying the same soldier and often steal the weapons from the corpses remained on the battlefield, able to give the exact connotation of the soldiers from various populations with the few historical evidences is very unreliable.
    There are still elements that had to be very characteristic because they have earned a special mention by the historians of the witnesses, such as the use of a round shield “caetra” as it tells caio Giulio Cesare in De Bello Civili at a distance of two centuries since the Second Punic War.
    For this reason we preferred to speak of Iberian infantry (such as populations which inhabited the Iberian peninsula) or Hispanics how often they were called by the inhabitants of other regions of Europe, giving him just those characteristics that could have a major importance on the battlefield.