New World of Twilight Releases at Hasslefree

Hasslefree Miniatures now have new World of Twilight figures available from their online store.

Commander Enuk

From their announcement:

Hasslefree have just released three new Twilight models: Commander Brenar and two new Enuk beasts.

Commander Brenar returned to his home town to take over command of the local militia after retiring from the Knights. This was meant to be an easy role, but recent events have meant that he has seen rather more action than he intended. Single part model with loose shield. £3.50

The unbridled Enuk is an unarmoured version of the previously released Enuk. This should be useful for games where you want to protect the prized herd from predators, or as mounts for any small race. Two part model. £3

The Enuk Nobilis is a slightly larger cousin of the common Enuk and will eventually be used as a mount for some heavy Fubarnii. Two part model. £3.50