New “Wired West” series of buildings announced from GameCraft Miniatures

GameCraft Miniatures will be coming out with new Wired West set of buildings to help enhance your table.

From the announcement:

This week GameCraft Miniatures announced that they are working with Krazy Ivan’s War Games Emporium to bring you this exciting new line of products. The buildings in this series are designed by Krazy Ivan’s and GameCraft is handling the manufacturing and distribution of the products.

This series of structures is a collection of sci-fi/wild west buildings inspired by TV shows like Firefly.

According to the designer, “The Wired West series takes old west architectural features like boardwalks, bill boards, and row buildings and throws them in a blender with what most people would consider ‘traditional’ sci-fi colony style buildings (converted containers, pre-fab structures, etc).”

All buildings in the series are beautifully designed in 3D CAD software to insure perfect fit and easy assembly. They feature removable roofs and removable upper floors so you have access to the entire interior of the structures.

  • lordofexcess

    GameCraft makes some awesome stuff. I just wish they would offer some package deals. Even if there was no real price break on it, it would just be nice to see some combo deals so one could one click order a full tables worth of terrain.

    It would be cool though to see some mega sets with maybe a slight discount. I’d be willing to do another big order if there were some package deals. As it is I have about $500 or $600 in terrain from Allen’s workshop o’ wonder.

  • gamecraftminiatures

    Check the site, I just added two package deals for this line of products. Both are priced at 10% off when you buy the package.

    I’ll be doing this for other product lines as well in the near future.


    • cybogoblin

      Very shiny! And just in time for the release of Sedition Wars (and the bonus Firefly-inspired models that come with it).

      The Blackwater Gulch gamers will be happy to hear about the impending discount for your other buildings, too.

      • cybogoblin

        Wait, they’re 15mm. Dang, that’s going to be a bit on the small side for SedWars and BWG. D’oh.

  • gamecraftminiatures

    Just to clear something up, first line of this article says “GameCraft Miniatures will be coming out with new Wired West set of buildings to help enhance your table.”

    That should say “… has come out with…”

    This product line is on the website and available now.


    • Do you have a European distributor by any chance? Import taxes + shipping are killing any desire to order some of your excellent sets.

  • Dude

    Any chance of 28mm scale versions?

  • EasyEight

    Yes, I am also interested in these in 28mm. Any plans to do that scale as well??