New White Dwarf Archive articles

Games Workshop have added three new articles to the, registration-only, White Dwarf Article.

From their website:

This morning we added a whole host of articles to the White Dwarf archive. Rohan Reinforcements first appeared in March 2010 and features new character profiles for the forces of Isengard and Rohan. For those of you that love The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game this article is perfect for you. A Dark Day in Rohan is the perfect scenario for using these characters in your games.

We have also added the short story: ‘A Torturer’s Tale’ to the White Dwarf archive. Written by Gav Thorpe and featuring the Dark Eldar it first appeared in White Dwarf way back in the year 2000. If you are working on some Dark Eldar models, or anything gory for that matter, then this short story should provide some inspiration.