New Weathering Powders from Kromlech

Kromlech has several new shades of weathering pigments available to help your minis look the best they can by making them look beaten and worn.

Weathering Powders


From the release:

today we have a new release of five new Weathering Powders.

Beach Sand Weathering Powder
Light Mud Weathering Powder
Trench Earth Weathering Powder
Moldy Green Weathering Powder
Lapis Lazuli Blue Weathering Powder

  • mathieu

    The blue looks nice. Anybody has experience from these pigments? I just purchased some from Broken Toad, the product is nice and all but the colors are far from the pictures on their website… I’d rather not reiterate the mistake.

    • Soulfinger

      I’m very satisfied with the ones that I got from Secret Weapon.

      • mathieu

        I too have some Secret Weapon pigments and like them. But they don’t produce anything beyond the standard weathering colors. I was interested in Broken Toad because of their incredible “Alien Soil”, a gorgeous bright pinkish/red that I hadn’t seen anywhere else before… but that ended up much duller in hand (so where the other colors I bought from them, but they didn’t matter as much).

        Same thing here, I find the blue from Kromlech interesting. But I’d rather be certain I’m not buying based on an enhanced picture, this time.