New Warmachine/Hordes Previews Posted by Privateer Press

Look, I’ll just cut to the chase. You get a look at the new colossal for Cryx.
Sure, there’s a new pose for Deneghra, a new Convergence warcaster, and a new light beast kit coming for the Farrow, but it’s the colossal that’s going to be grabbing most people’s attention for this post.

As you can see, it’s called the Sepulcher (as opposed to Sepultura, which I have played in my headphones right now. “War for terr-i-tor-aaaaaaay!). The new colossal is going to be part of the kit that comes with the Kraken colossal. So that old one will be getting a bit of a change.

Here we have the two Warcasters for the post. The Deneghra has the same stats as the previous version of Wraith Witch Deneghra. However, the Forge Master is new for the Convergence. … Kinda reminds me of something from Power Rangers.

Moving along to bacon. These are new light warbeast kits for the Farrow. The Gun Boar is a new version of the old model, while the Battle Boar and the Splatter Boar are brand new to the porky bunch. I’m sure Devilsquid is happy about it.


Last and, let’s be honest, least, is a set of trench terrain pieces you can use to help spruce up your tabletop… Yeah…


  • Forge Master Syntherion is an existing PP exclusive metal version of the Convergence Battlebox plastic warcaster model only will now be available at game shops by itself kinda like both versions of Sturgis.

  • The trenches are kind of shallow aren’t they?

    • DB

      Just deep enough to get trenchfoot. Not deep enough to protect you from arrows, bullets, snipers-of-all-stripes, shrapnel, spells, gobbers with wrenches, knee-height everblight minions, pikes, cavalry charges, or Other.

      Perhaps they’ve solved the trenchfoot problem and just have a severe boot shortage.

      Alternatively, the ground is really densely packed in the Iron Kingdoms, and that’s as far as they can get without heavy equipment.