New Warhammer models available to Advance Order

Games Workshop has a whole bunch of new models available to advance order from their Finecast line. Here’s a small sample:

From the update:

This weekend we have great news for Warhammer fans. Orcs & Goblins receive reinforcements with two new additions to our range of plastic characters: the mighty Savage Orc Big Boss is ready for action, wielding his big choppa, and the Goblin Shaman ready to summon the power of the Waaagh!

But that’s not all, as we’ve absolutely loads of new models available to advance order in Citadel Finecast. This month sees the armies of Orcs & Goblins, Tomb Kings, Dark Elves and Lizardmen each receive new models, from Settra the Imperishable to Morathi, as well as more Squigs than you can shake a stick at.

All of these are now available in beautifully detailed Citadel Finecast resin, so head over to now to see the full range.

  • Killraven

    Releasing old models in a different material doesn’t count as new.

    $33 for five infantry?!?!?!? This brings even GW stupidity in pricing to new levels.

    • cybogoblin

      Take a look at the price for Finecast Skaven Jezzail Teams. That box is $93 here in NZ. $93.


  • Veritas

    Places like Bartertown should send GW thank you letters. Seriously, trading is pretty much going to be the only way to go for people being priced out of GW.

    • cybogoblin

      Not too long ago I was told my a GW staffer that I should get my plastics from BitzBarn – because they’re cheaper. This was in a GW store, too.

      That was a slightly surreal experience.

  • Marauder

    I haven’t played Fantasy in a long time, but even I recognize two of these models from way back. Love how GW can re-release models in a new medium and claim them as new releases! I don’t even think Mongoose tried to pull that marketing ploy with their SFU ships!


  • phoenixman

    mad pricing in a world on its uppers for want of a better turn of phrase.

    some items gone up 67% in UK. when will they learn. when they are out of business me thinks.

    even then they’ll probably still try and defend the policy making.

    went away from GW as whole 3 years ago and never looked back. some many BETTER games and systems to play and much cheaper too.

    now play lots of ancients, WW2, dystopian, boardgames and many others.

  • KelRiever

    I have to admit, I am impressed with all the people who actually still buy stuff from GW, and are still fans. Because for me, I wish I just had so much money I didn’t care about flushing it away. You are amazing people.

  • keltheos

    Sorry if I choose to like and enjoy GW products. Also sorry that I have enough disposable income that it’s not an issue to purchase them…I am the Gamer 1%.

    That said, the Savage Orc boss is definitely new and I’m looking forward to picking one up. Having played an almost completely Savage army since 5th edition I am always thrilled to find more models I won’t have to convert over.

    • Sejanus

      Congrats on being the 1%, how very proud you must be, to be able to toss money away foolishly on over priced and poorly produced figures.

      Personally I am more interested in getting value for my play dollars instead of trying to convince others I am in an elite minority. 😀


      • Soulfinger

        Which is why people like you and me spend $5 at Big Lots on the Elmo Memory Match Game, which comes with 24 — yes, twenty-four — detailed plastic figures. That’s less than 21 cents a figure! Take that GW!

    • KelRiever

      Hey, I’m just saying, you could choose to like and enjoy GW products without paying GW prices. I mean, why not be part of the gaming 1/2% instead of the 1% by buying full price from GW?

  • Mananarepublic

    Phew… I need to stop reading GW news from this site – so much anger..


    • Mahrdol

      I have to agree. Just cause you can’t afford it don’t be a hater. I can’t afford a Ferrari doesn’t mean I am not going to begrudge someone who can. In the end the purchase is supporting someone’s way of life and they pay taxes so its all good.

      • Trent

        Ferraris were always expensive. GW was not so.

        Most games offer any two of the following: great models, fantastic rule set, good prices.
        GW only offers one of those things.

    • KelRiever

      A GW model is not a Ferrari. It isn’t even a Ferrari in its industry. More like a Chrysler 300.

      Hate does not necessarily stem from the inability to afford. You could also just enjoy not being a sucker. And also make fun of something that deserves it.

      Hate is not the reason GW sucks. GW did that all by themselves.

      Everybody is entitled to their opinion. But if you like GW stuff, then, well, you should expect to see even more people who dislike it. Because that’s what is going on, and it isn’t exclusive to TGN. It also doesn’t mean you are wrong or not liked. Because, unlike what GW would prefer people believe, insulting a game is not insulting someone personally.

  • keltheos

    Hey guys, quick heads up. BoLS has a leaked info sheet for the 40k 6th editon release.

    Hardcover’s probably going to run $70…get your whine machines revved up!!