New Warhammer Fantasy Nurgle photos

By Polar_Bear
In Age of Sigmar
Oct 9th, 2014

Games Workshop has had some photos leaked of the next Nurgle minis they’ll be coming out with, including a new Champion.


From the post:

The user Shala GW Tilea is proving to be a really good person, as it provided more pictures that show the enormity of bitz included in the kit of the King of Contagion, but not only, because there are also pictures of the new character Gutrot Spume . In the rules, have the option to be put on War Altar, in fact, you can see it with this option in the first image. In addition to images, Lords of War Gaming has revealed new information about the upcoming releases of 40k, which, listen, listen, speak ance of new models Tyranids.

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  • Soulfinger

    I’m rarely excited enough about a miniature to test my eyesight trying to make out the figures behind the reflected glare of a camera flash. Leaks and rumors are less news and more Fox News.

  • surprize

    I usually refrain from ripping on GW, but these look really derivative. Lots of the poses, body shapes, heads, etc look as if they have been recycled from Ogre Kingdoms and Dark Eldar. To the extent I think this might be a false leak in that it might be a fan made nurgle army of kit bashes…

  • tuco

    I was going to click on the pictures, but then I figured I probably shouldn’t since I don’t want to get Ebola.

  • Lemminkaeinen

    I though these looked really great – one of the best GW releases this year. They follow in the footsteps of that amazing Nurgle champion that is extremely loved (there’s dozens and dozens super high quality paintjobs of it on display in various corners of the net) and the price point seems very reasonable.

    • I agree, I’ve never been overly attracted to the Nurgle stylie (more of a Khornate fan) but these minis, from what I’ve seen kicking about on the web, look really good imho.