New Warhammer 40K Advance Orders

Games Workshop has added several new 40K Advance Order items to their website

Warhammer 40,000 Expansion: Battle Missions
No matter what Warhammer 40,000 army you collect, Battle Missions will add a new dimension to your games and expand your knowledge of the background and battle-tactics of the armies of the 41st Millennium. This is a must-have book for all Warhammer 40,000 collectors.

Venerable Dreadnought
Venerable Dreadnoughts are as lethal at range as in close assault. This new plastic kit is the most detailed Dreadnought to date and comes with dozens of optional extras.

Deff Dread
Deff Dreads epitomise three main ideals of Ork warfare: big, shooty and stompy. This new plastic kit comes with a host of optional components that enable you to assemble your own custom Deff Dread.

Killa Kans
Killa Kans are for the first time available as a multi-part plastic kit, so you can assemble these ramshackle, Orky walkers in whatever manner you choose.

Ork Flash Git with Targeting Squig
Flash Gitz love to strut their stuff and vaporise their enemies with their kustom shootas. Add some extra dakka to your Ork units with this characterful model.

Imperial Guard Chimera
Chimeras are an integral part of any Imperial Guard army. This updated kit is now more straightforward to assemble than before and includes all the weapon options from Codex: Imperial Guard.

Imperial Guard Basilisk
Pound the enemy into the dirt with the thunderous shells fired by this mobile artillery platform’s massive earthshaker cannon.