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New Virai Available For Beyond the Gates of Antares

The latest faction for Beyond the Gates of Antares is hitting tabletops. They're the Virai, and they're very different from the other factions already out there. Not altered humans, they're an entirely artificial form of life. All those drones the other factions use are nothing compared to the creations of the Virai.

The Virai Dronescourge are a species of artificial life, drones with machine intelligences conforming to a strict, hierarchical structure. They are feared by all Antarean nations due to their purposeful disregard for both biological life and integrated, cooperative intelligences such as the IMTel. Their leaders are specialised drones called architectors, and the Virai First Instance is the sole commander of a Dronescourge Hive.

This box contains:

1 x Virai First Instance with tool appendages and dual fusion cutters
2 x Virai Warrior Drone Bodyguard with ripclaws and fusion flamers


This is the main support weapon carried by Virai warrior drones and appears to be little more than a number of fusion flamers combined into a single, multi-barrelled unit. Though relatively portable and normally carried by a single Viria warrior, it has significant energy requirements. As a result,
components from a second viral are required to provide adequate energy to power the weapon.


The most numerous drones in a Virai Hive are the Constructor drones. Typically placed under the command of lessor architectors called ‘Tertiary Supervisors’, Virai Constructors are the multi-limbed workers, builders, scouts, miners or engineers, dependent on the task they have been created to perform. Their equipment can vary on a daily basis as they become reassigned to different tasks.


Virai drones are occasionally equipped with enhanced sensors and additional targeting algorithms so they can act in a fashion similar to targeter probes used by the more advanced Antarean factions.


The command drones most often seen leading a Virai combat group are the Secondary Instance architectors. The First Instance delegates distinct responsibilities to a number of secondary instances such as mining, scavenging, defense, invasion, construction or manufacturing, and then leaves each secondary to construct the tertiary’s and other drones it needs.


The most dangerous of the three classes of Virai drones, the Defenders come in several forms. Strong, well-armed and heavily armoured with the Virai cerametallic shells, their role is dual purpose, acting as heavy lifters or demolition drones as well as in combat. Despite their strengths, they depend on planning and coordination from their architector leaders, typically Secondary Instances, so they lack initiative.

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