New Victrix Greek Army Deal

Victrix has a special Greek Army Deal going on over in their webshop. Go check it out.

Victrix Army Deal


From the post:

This May we at Victrix are really pleased to bring you a fantastic new Greek army deal. Running from 10th May to 30th May we are offering you:-

•1 x box of our NEW ‘Greek unarmoured Hoplites and archers’
•1 x box of our NEW ‘Greek Peltasts, Javelin men and slingers’
•1 x box of Greek armoured Hoplites (you specify whether you want Athenians, Spartans, Thebans or Mercenaries)
•2 x FREE archer frames (4 extra archer figures)
•2 x FREE slinger frames (4 extra slinger figures)
•3 x Peltast shield transfer sheets
•6 x Greek Hoplite shield transfer sheets