New US and Canadian GW prices

Games Workshop have posted lists of their new US and Canadian prices. Below is a list of all the products that have changed price including the amount they have increased. Anyone interested can see the percentage difference in the US and Canadian prices in the last row.

These prices will come into effect on May 28th, 2011.

The prices are available as a PDF download.

  • Brant

    Haha, I think they need to look at their own data again. In many places the “% Difference” is way off. A $0.50 increase on a $30 product does not equal a 19.61% difference.

    Looks like Canada gets some of their own specific price increases and the majority of the rest get a ~%20 increase. Glad I stopped playing anything GW many years ago.

    • Zac

      As I mentioned the final column is the percentage difference between the US and Canadian prices

      • Brant

        Oh, missed that part. Still, not sure who would find that relevant as compared to old vs. new price.

        • Zac

          Canadians most likely πŸ™‚

          • Brant

            Still, how is that relevant to Canadians? Only thing I can see that being useful for is seeing how bad you guys are getting screwed on prices to the point that you want to order out of country, but with the forthcoming ban on such won’t be able to. It’s like GW is pushing you guys into the mud and then pointing and laughing at you. πŸ˜›

          • Will B

            Canadians will still be able to order from the US, just not from Europe.

        • Vraile

          It’s especially relevant when you consider our Canadian dollar is worth more than the US dollar.

          • Mechanical.Horizon

            Maybe that’s why GW is charging Canadians more, they’ll make more money off their purchases!

  • scottjm

    I like how Canada gets extra screwed over vs. the US. Our dollar must be doing awful versus the greenback. Oh wait… I guess they don’t want us Canadians playing their games. Either that or they’re trying to promote crossborder shopping.

    • Virral

      Try living in Australia, where our dollar is equally strong and even the Canadian prices appear cheap!

      An example taken at random from that list…

      Space Marine Battle Force. New USD price is $110. New CAD price is $130. CURRENT AUD price is $150.

  • Trent

    Canadian vs US prices are laughable. It’s like GW needs to personally stock up on Canadian oil and the only way they can afford to do it is by charging us more! πŸ™‚

  • mrborges

    Currently working on a Tale of Gamers challenge with some friends, playing Warhammer Fantasy. The plan was to do this for a few months, then get into 40k later this year or early next year. And/or Lord of the Rings.
    Hrm. With these kind of price increases…it does not look like it’s happening.
    Thanks a lot, GW!

    • Dude, just play something else. There are so many better games and companies out there.

  • Talarius

    As someone who’s more interested in GW’s Specialist Games than the 3 “core” games, I’m thankful that I already own all the books. They’ve jacked up the price on those arbitrarily, imho. Must… resist… further… sarcastic ranting. :-p

    • What makes it hilarious, though, is that they’re going to up the price for the books even though they offer them for free as downloads already.

  • Henrix

    Pardon an uninitiated question from an innocent bystander, but do these prices including sales tax or something like that?

    • Zac

      No tax included

      • Henrix

        Huh. The ways of GW are not just inscrutable, but plain weird.

  • Interesting. This is a classic example of Mercantilism.

    GW is telling each colony -oh sorry, independent country- that it must buy from them at the price they set where they want to sell it, and any attempt to buy from a foreign market is smuggling.

    Considering how well that turned out in the late 1700’s I’m surprised they’re trying this.

    • cybogoblin

      I now have this urge to get my hands on an old sailing ship, head over to the UK, fill it up with GW product, then bring it back here.

      Oh, so tempting.

      • Veritas

        Then burn it in Boston harbor?

        • cybogoblin

          By here I mean NZ, not the US. And no, no burning, except for maybe a Chimera or two.

  • 4tonmantis

    The irony here is that they are going to do the exact opposite of what their intention is.

    There are a few aspects to this that are rather immature and smack of greed. First, that they seem to be slapping hands.. the timing of the two actions (the embargo and hike). Second, they are further distancing themselves from indie shops. Finally, spiking costs on new sets and pulling a shell game on metals while also spiking that?

    To me this says: “I’m a company that is mad because my shoppers won’t let themselves be screwed and have found means to avoid this” and “We at GW don’t like to think about the fact that our re-sellers seem to be making a killing selling our stuff CHEAPER” .. wtf GW.. the only reason they’re making more is because they’re doing the OPPOSITE of you.. get a clue. In the last 2 years I’ve spent about $75 on GW. Prior to that, it was a new army every few months.

    At this point, if I were to expand my collection it would be from companies like Scibor, Maxmini, Heresy, Dreamforge, Warlord Games, Wargames Factory, Avatars of War, Mantic, Privateer Press, and those wonderful Orc-WarII models from Kromlech.

    • Zac

      Swearing via acronyms is still swearing πŸ™‚ Cartoon swears are okay though

      • 4tonmantis

        I can’t seem to edit.. sorry it’s a force of habit..

  • paradogmatic

    Hah — I think someone at GW has finally gone crazy. I think they believe they’re still marketing to people 20 years ago when we couldn’t /easily/ check the prices everywhere else.

    Feels like someone over at GW USA/North America got mad that they were loosing sales to Maelstrom ( and others ) and now are trying to make that money back with price hikes. On top of the ‘cheaper’ resin models .. ( wait they’re more expensive even though it was to save money .. gg )

    I’m glad I left the GW fold a while ago — I think I’d need a mortgage at this point..

  • is the price increase just for the US and Canadians?

    • Robert

      I don’t think so – just haven’t seen the pounds sterling increases yet.

  • abbysdad

    Well, look on the bright side of things. GW is producing some amazing miniatures lately. And, this move will do two interesting things to the current business situation for mini/game companies:

    1.) It will give plenty of cover to other companies that want to raise prices.

    2.) It will create opportunities for lower cost competitors who want to move into the market.

    Just look at how people reacted to the price of a cup of coffee after Starbucks had become such a presence throughout the world. Now people think that a 3$ cup of fancy coffee is reasonable and a 1$ USD cup of black coffee is cheap! Before Starbucks, that kind of thing would have been unthinkable.

    • Trent

      Not a bad analogy actually. McD’s now serves a palatable cup of coffee after they recently changed their blend. And they sell it for way cheaper than Starbucks.

      But the gaming market is both miniatures AND rules. I don’t care which minis you buy. But if we’re not playing the same game system then the minis are a moot point. It would be nice if some generic systems could gain a critical mass of gamers.

      • Veritas

        Man I miss VOR. A good setting with a build your own army option.

      • abbysdad

        Most companies make money off the minis, not the rule books.

        As for a critical mass of gamers…that’s where you come in. If a good player community develops and grows, people will come into the game in bigger numbers. The reason GW and PP do well is you can walk into just about any LGS and find someone to play a game with you.

        • Trent

          Hey, I’m already there with the space naval genre using Starmada. πŸ™‚

          Our group is currently taking a long hard look at 40k-ish systems for implementing the ground combat portion of our campaign.

  • the Paper Warrior

    I love GW articles. They always shock me somehow. Another price hike? These guys just have lazy CEO’s. They’re a publicly held company so they have to increase revenue year over year to make shareholders happy, that’s fair. They could increase their profit by finding new outlets to sell their products. They could get more customers and sell more product. But no, they always stick to the easy path: increase prices. The guys running GW don’t even have to work to increase revenue when they just increase prices.

    The problem is their prices are what 30%-40% higher than they were this time last year? Something like that. But their increased revenue is much lower. Plus they’re making a lot of money from Fantasy Flight paying royalties. So GW is selling a whole lot less minis and rulebooks than they did last year and less than the year before.

    Even though the company is in a downward spiral on the number of actual sales they make the CEO’s will be getting their bonuses because profits are up. It’s too bad GW is run the way it is. They may now be priced too high for new gamers to start playing their games. If that’s right we can expect year over year of price hikes so they can increase revenue the only way they have left.

    Anyway GW business articles are the best! This company does some crazy stuff.