New Unofficial Warhammer Armies Posted

New Warhammer Armies were posted on

From their announcement:

Fimir Army

A new (unofficial) Army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle – they emerged from the mists !

Fimir were a somewhat mysterious part daemonic race that existed way back in Warhammer mythology (up to the 3rd edtition). JanvanHal from the Battle Reporter forum has done a fine job resurrecting them.

Tribes of Norsica

A new unofficial Warhammer Fantasy Battle army book pdf and this one is a real treat. The book draws heavily on Viking lore for it’s inspiration and the army has been expertly tested and balanced.

  • Tribes of Norsica could use some serious editing, proof reading, and spelling check big time. Also not sure what is up with link here in this article but ever time I attempted to load the page my browser locked up. Ended up having to track down the file through WarSeer.

    • Nightbee

      These are always pretty amateurish. I still check them out, though, because there are good ideas here and there.

    • TomasT

      They had some weird Wibiya-thing on their site. Guess that caused the problems.

      I couldn’t download the pdf-file from their site, just images.

  • Guess I could use a spelling check too. heh

  • mrbushtroll

    Good job
    lots of good juicy ideas for adventures and role-playing
    keep it coming…..

    and maybe ……maybe some day a willing leecher will step up and do some editing
    instead of complaining

    • cybogoblin

      To be honest, if I was ever going to use one of these books in a game of Warhammer I would happily give them a hand with editing and the like. As it stands, I don’t have the time to donate to something I don’t actively use.

  • mrbushtroll

    here is some direct links for downloads or reading of the pdfs
    for your viewing pleasure
    Norsca tribes

    or just copy the link and paste link into your browser
    worked just fine….other army books are there with a little exploring

    best things in in a role playing GM/DM life are free…….

  • Grim Squeaker

    Hey hey! I’m the author of Tribes of Norsca, and I am sorry to hear there are so many spelling mistakes (did a full spelling check a couple of days ago and I hope it has approved some). But, I wont afford the luxury of hiring editor fixing my second language (English) – it would probably ruin me. hehe

    Still, I hope there are somebody out there who can find as much joy in playing a full Norse army as I do 🙂

    Grim S