New Treeman set available from Scibor

Scibor brings the forest to life with the release of a new Treeman set available over in their webshop.


From the website:

You’ll find 3 unpainted resin miniatures and 2 x 40mm and 1x 50mmsquare, scenic, resin bases in the blister.

  • Major_Gilbear

    I really like these, but at €55 I’ll definately pass.

    I know they are chunky models, but those are GW levels of silly pricing!

    • 4tonmantis

      I’ve never understood expensive treants or tree lords or whatever you want to call it..

      I don’t really care for Ultraforges’ Tree Lord but they got the price right at least..
      Reaper has some decently priced ones as well..

      • Nightbee

        Why are they different than any other large monster?

        I usually don’t like Scibor’s stuff, but the one on the right is o.k.

        • 4tonmantis

          …’s a tree.

          there is such a minimal sculpting level required for these and..frankly not a whole lot going on.. that the cost just doesn’t make sense. If it were a complicated demon with well structured anatomy, detailed wings, well defined claws, veins, menacing eyes, etc.. then yeah.. I would understand. Like I said.. IMO.. the Ultraforge and Reaper ones are just as good in quality (in Reapers’ case they have better) and the prices on those sites are way more competitive.

          • grimbergen

            THis is not any different from other Scibor stuff. Like they faux-space marines, they’ve always been just a few templated filigree pieces pasted on basic poses.

          • 4tonmantis

            Yeah, I know..
            Sometimes his technique is successful even.. just most of the time it’s painfully obvious and …not successful. Still, Scibor was one of the first companies to offer alternatives to grimdark and other goodies.. so you gotta respect the fact that he’s an OG.

  • I like these. I own most of the 54mm range from Scibor and think they are pretty fun. I have never paid full price for anything Scibor though, and would not as they are definitely priced above their level of detail for the most part. The deals I’ve gotten on his stuff plays heavily on my level of appreciation.

    That said he has some concepts and models I love like the Halloween Party (goblins and pumpkin) – so much so I bought two of them to try different stuff. Unfortunately his sculpting is a bit of a mixed bag with some really nice details in some places while the sculpting is super lazy at other times.