New Tomb Kings Finecast figures on Advance Order

Casket of SoulsGames Workshop have added a second wave of Warhammer Tomb Kings figures to their Advance Orders page. These miniatures are all part of their new Citadel Finecast resin range. All prices are in US$.

  • Nemesis

    Liche Priest 15.25 US $… 19 CAD $ !

    Zenit Miniature Summoner 7.50 euros = 10.30 CAD $ , resin made, by a very small company, postage free…

    Despite my nickname I’m not part of Zenit Miniatures Company. This is just for comparison’s purpose.

    Twice the price of resin miniatures from a very small SME!

    • PanzerKraken

      Yea GW is charging alot, and it’s because they can get away with it. Small companies just can’t get away with charging as much sadly, it would just kill them. While GW can raise prices all the time, small companies are always forced to suck it up and see their profits dwindle to stay relevant.

      • Amarel

        And some of them don’t want to – they strive to keep their figures as cheap as possible.

  • 4tonmantis

    I’ll be honest, the Casket of Souls was a pretty good kit.. granted, the weight was a bit over the top, but detail and all it was fine as metal. I imagine the kit as (potentially) warped resin to be a really bad project. The Ushabti on the other hand, I couldn’t stand the metals because they had a tendency to hide vent flash and in general be a pain because of the metal. I don’t know that them being resin will improve the build but the fact that it’s a 3 model box really makes it difficult to decide one way or another if it’s a good buy. The great bows are definitely an interesting set.. if anything they might be worth checking out. Hopefully, an internet seller will piece out these kits and people who are just interested in picking up one or two as display pieces will be able to do so without dropping $50.

  • scottjm

    I like how the Canadian prices for the Ushabti are $10 more and the Casket is $9 more.

  • Lparigi34

    All these new sculpts are HORRIBLE… Sorry for me being so blunt…

    Apophas? WTH??? The new LP? at least in line with its uglier predecessor. Ushabti archers are not that bad, but do not honor its predecessor, now in resin too.

    The Casket is the same, now is in resin, so cannot tell… The metal model was AWESOME. Good that I do not need another.

    And finally, the Necrotect, another disappointment.

    Why in the world they did not kept the minis in line with the excellent illustrations of the army book?

    Besides the above posted link, there is a myriad of great looking minis that will do better in my army…

    Like these:

    • Basileus

      Second that, I think these new miniatures look like a step back compared to the previous releases this year.

    • That Torej Master of the Bullwhip is $22AUD cheaper than the Necrotech. 🙁 Crazy.

  • Will B

    Good to see the Ushabti got a price drop from the metal price. I’ll be picking them up for sure, fantastic models.

  • Morf

    Is it just me or are the heroes really subpar to all great recent releases like Skaven/Dark Eldar heroes? even the old TK models just shine in comparison.

    • cybogoblin

      I think the problem with Apophas was that they were a little contrained by the concept. It’s hard to represent a swarm of scarabs on a model that size without him looking a bit blocky.

      There’s no excuse for the Necrotect to look that bland, though.

      • Psychotic Storm

        to be entirely honest, they have no excuse other companies out there, Corvus Belli included, can put smaller details in their models and remain crisp and sharp, despite been metal.

        If GW could not make the sculpt then they should not had made the character.

  • Do they keep the Casket of Souls in the Well of Souls?

  • These look nice but mein got in himmel they are expensive down here in Australia: Ushabti with Great Bows… $83.00 – Single figures $26.00 – Casket of Souls $90.00.

  • Muteki (Gareth)

    Oh my days, I try my best to be positive but these are some ugly ugly sculpts! Not even Eavy Metal could save them!

    I’m so glad people are truly revolting this time (lets hope people come through!) and posting some great alternatives that I’ve never seen before.

    Someone just go all out and make a page showing quality comparisons to existing GW miniatures.

    • I’m so glad people are truly revolting this time (lets hope people come through!) and posting some great alternatives that I’ve never seen before.

      I want to have faith in people. But at my club at least, there will be complaining about GWs practices and price hikes ($AUD), yet they continue to buy. Even with this embargo I have my reservations that they’ll vote with the wallet. Continue to buy and complain!

      Though I was talking to a friend about it, and he says a lot of people are sentimental towards GW because they were the company that brought them in to the hobby.

      More on topic, the Ushabti look pretty good. Probably the best thing I’ve seen from GW in a while. Though $83 for 3 of them. No thanks.