New The Walking Dead: All Out War Boosters Available To Order

The Walking Dead has gone through many characters over the course of its run. Some you’re happy to see make it away from the horrors of the zombies and murderous other humans. Others, you’re happy to see them get eaten. But that’s half the fun. Well, Mantic is letting you bring a bunch more of those characters to your tabletops in The Walking Dead: All Out War, as a bunch of boosters are available to pre-order.

From the website:

Nothing could stop Rick Grimes, a small town police officer, from reuniting with his family. Not a gunshot wound to the chest, nor waking from a coma into a world overrun with the dead, nor a lonely and harrowing journey through the Walker-infested streets of Atlanta.


  • Davos Seaworth

    All Out War is a simple game, but it’s actually really fun. And the minis come pre-assembled (but not painted,) so you can use them right out of the package. You do kinda pay for the privilege (MSRP of $20 for the 3-mini expansions, although you can get them for $15 at retail) but for an entry-level tabletop minis game, I totally recommend it. And it only takes up less than 2 ft. square on a tabletop, so you don’t need some 6’x4′ convention table.

    • odinsgrandson


      Recently, I’ve been really fond of the games that do 3×3 rather than 4×4 (or 4×6). Mostly, I don’t want to pull out the big tabletop covering that I’ve got.

      • Davos Seaworth

        I totally get 6’x4′ for conventions and game stores, but if I’m at home just playing a casual game with friends/family then All Out War’s 20″ square makes for a lot less aggravation and set-up time. Mantic also sells a neoprene (mousepad material) 20″x20″ mat that replaces the paper version sold with the base game. Roll it out, play a game or two, roll it up, and you’re done. Easy-peasy.

        • That’s a major reason why I love Bushido from GCT (played on a 2×2) and Guild Ball from Steamforged (played on a 3×3). Both of those fit on my table at home without having to be all, “well, we’re actually closer than we should be to start out with, so deployment zones are cut in half” or something like that.