New Terrible Sharp Sword battle report posted

TooFatLardies have posted a new battle report using a test version of their Terrible Sharp Sword American Civil War rules.

From their website:

Well, it was a really fun game.  So much so that I missed out on getting a photo of Robin Reliant coming round the flank.  The terrain in the village and the enforced Rebel deployment (within 6” of the buildings) meant that their force was potentially broken up and certainly wouldn’t be able to cover all avenues of approach.  As it happened the rebels put six out of seven Groups on the northern edge of the village, and that served them very well initially.  The lethal cross-fire that came from those units really knocked holes in the initial Union advance.  However, when the Union then responded by sending four Groups round the flank, on Blinds initially, the rebels simply fell apart on that flank.  Three groups were, quite literally, route from the table, leaving four coherent groups left to try to get Miss Angel Delight off the table.