New terrain from Architects of War

Architects of War have added two new terrain kits to their online store.

Hedgerow set

From their announcement:

We have two new kits being released this week and they are currently in the web store. They are the 28mm Hedge Row Set for $50 and the Overgrown Stone Wall Set for $25.

We have also put three free PDFs for download in the “How To” section of our site. They include:

  • “Making 6mm to 15mm Forests and Woods” in the “How To Information” section
  • “Making Barrage and Explosion Markers” also in the “How To Information” section
  • WW2 Combat Report in the “Gaming” section.

You can now pre-order the new 28mm Bolt Action Plastic Germans ($25 USD) from us, as well.

Don’t forget Shipping on Continental US orders is free for the month of August with a purchase of $50 or more!