New tech gear for Dust Tactics

Fantasy Flight Games has a whole bunch of new previews for Dust Tactics.

That’s some cool-looking stuff… and I don’t just mean because there’s snow on the bases.

In preparation for a new campaign, the SSU unveils more advanced technology, and the Axis counters with a new walker. With these exciting units, the battle for supremacy in Dust Tactics becomes even more deadly! Joining the mighty SSU bloc is the fearsome SSU Ground Attack Helicopter, the swift SSU Airborne Walker Transport, and the gritty SSU Commissar Squad. Meanwhile, the versatile Panzer-Kampfäufer III brings extra toughness to Axis forces.

  • blackfang

    I like the Dust walkers but these flyers are just terrible, they look like they belong in Robogear.

  • The flyers feel like Metal Slug figures to me.. I do think there are a number of people who might buy these for conversions for other games though and obviously if they’re really good in Dust.. well.. that kinda trumps the look :/

    On a side note.. isn’t it the most annoying thing to lose to silly looking models?

  • number9

    At least these come painted, which is better than unpainted silly models.

  • Grim6

    Totally disagree! I love the look of the flyers – I think they perfectly capture the aesthetic of what a WWII Soviet helicopter might look like. The Burner is a great riff on the look of a Hind (almost as if one had been made 50 yrs or so early?), and the Walkertransport looks like a mini CH-54 Sky Crane. Check out this pics, and tell me they don’t match:

    If you don’t like the look, you don’t like the look, but this has gotten me interested in the game again. Just waiting to see the Warfare rule set…

  • Shades

    I like ’em.

  • grimbergen

    Interesting… for once I’m impressed with the design and sculpts of a faction’s infantry (the russians), but then I get let down by those helos that look like children’s toys…

  • jedijon

    Okay, so I don’t like reused parts like rotor hubs and flights.

    But those are the COOLEST looking models in just about forever. Way to go dust.

    They’re not only grounded in reality but they’re chic enough to evoke a whole plethora of awesome connotations. Perfect style.

    This is about the only game that’s really tempted me in several years. Since I’ve got more figures than I can ever use (sad), it’s going to take more than just awesomeness. But–at least awesomeness is what we’ve got here.

  • Sevej

    I think they’re badass in their own way.

  • cama

    I like the helicopters. They are cool and not massive (admittedly, I think they are scaled down, squished even) – but they work!