New Strain Available now in the Studio McVey store

By Polar_Bear
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Jun 4th, 2014

Studio McVey previewed these new minis at Salute. Now they’re available over in the studio store.


From the release:

I have just added four more of the Sedition Wars preview resin miniatures to the Studio Store. I’m staggering the release of the ones we showed at Salute. This time it’s four new Strain exo-forms and they have now been added to the Studio Store.

Retiarus and Thraex are the phase 2, and 3 forms of the Brute brood-line, while Naga and Medusa are spawned from the Siren brood-line. More information and larger images can be found on there Studio McVey website.

We’ll be adding more of the previews to the store over the next month or so, and each time I’ll send out a newsletter to let you know they’re on sale.

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  • KelRiever

    What great figures and paint jobs!

    Sedition Wars is one too many games for me, but it is nice to see it. I’ll pass on anything PVC anyway, and the resin is still far too much money, but at least the figures look nice.

  • Mananarepublic

    These models manages to stay within the familiar “alien menace” bracket and still look fresh! I’ve always loved what studio mcvey does.. Time to put an order in!