New Stormcast Eternals Order Battletome And Minis Available To Order From Games Workshop

The Stormcast Eternals are getting a bunch of new releases over on the Games Workshop website. These defenders of order versus the seemingly unending waves of Chaos are getting a new Order Battletome book as well as 7 new units. That includes the Gryph-Hounds, who look like they just want to be petted and fed some giant mice.

From the release:

This 164-page hardback Battletome is dedicated to the combined forces of the Stormcast Eternals, including the Extremis Chamber. It contains:

– Forces of the Stormcast Eternals – a huge compilation of rules and abilities for all Stormcast Eternals armies, including the new Scions of the Storm Battle Trait, allowing you to deploy in the Celestial Realm and join the battle where they are most needed;
– Plenty of ways to customise your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar for Open, Narrative and Matched Play;
– Lots of ways to customise your Stormcast armies – new Command Traits, Blessed Weapons, Enchanted Armour, Magical Artefacts, Treasured Standards, Mystic Lights and Prayers of the Stormhosts;
– Steeds of the Celestial Realm – new exceptional traits for heroes riding Dracoths, Stardrakes and Gryph-chargers;
– Warscrolls for the full Stormcast Eternals range, featuring points for every model, and a massive 29 Warscroll battalions – many detailing the Stormhosts who have taken part in the battle for the Mortal Realms so far;
– Path to Glory rules and Warband tables allowing you to put together your own Strike, Extremis or Vanguard Auxiliary Chambers;
– a host of uniform guides, as well as background for every unit, character and monster of the Stormcast Eternals, along with an explanation of the typical Stormhost organisation.


  • odinsgrandson

    Sometimes, I wonder how many factions they meant to have in their game.

    -There’s a Stormcast with his helmet off! That’s the first, right? I didn’t think they had heads underneath, I got the impression they were just suits of armor with bound souls like the Thousand Sons.

    • Jared Swenson

      It’s always been known they have physical bodies under the armor. Even in the very first novel, one takes his helmet off and it describes his face. I don’t get where the Thousand Sons thing comes from.

      • odinsgrandson

        Ok, I do wonder where that idea came from that they were hollow armor.

        I think it has been taken for granted in various forum threads about the Stormcast fluff. I’m definitely not the only one who thought they’re Thousand Sons inside.

        Honestly, now I’m a lot more surprised that we haven’t seen a lot more faces for them. You’d think that-especially the characters would have their helmets off more often (as per the traditional sign of authority).

        I really think the face is a better composition- it brings out a center of interest on a set of minis that are too often completely homogeneous. Plus, faces are just fun to paint.

        • Daniel R Weber

          The fanfic writing in the big main book kind of suggests they’re not ‘alive’ in the suits. It’s not spelled out, but depending on how close you’re following the mediocre fluff you may get that impression. I sure did too.

    • big fat shiny suits of armor. I thought they were hollow too lol. the fantasy space marines of course getting all the attention…