New Star Wars Miniatures scenario posted

Wizards has posted a new Star Wars Miniatures scenario titled Point Blank.

From their website:

Late in the Clone Wars, the Republic dislodges the Separatists from bases and holdings in the Core. Damaged but not defeated, the Separatist forces withdraw and regroup in fortified regions in the Outer Rim, pursued by determined Republic fleets. Along the way, the Separatists attempt to divert the Republic forces and require them to spend time and resources engaging lesser targets.

One of these targets is a Separatist base on the planet Garia, within Brak Sector and not far off the Corellian Run. An active Separatist base so near the busy hyperspace lane could disrupt Republic fleets, their supply lines, and vulnerable civilian vessels. In one of many such actions, clone units detach from the fleet and attack the base directly.