New Star Fleet releases from ADB

Amarillo Design Bureau have announced the upcoming release of two new products.

Federation Commander War & Peace
Folio pack, includes new weapons, scenarios, counters, and ship cards.
Three new empires come to Federation Commander.
The Vudar, a Klingon “Subject Race”, were allowed to build ships (with ionic weapons) to patrol remote regions. Then they rebelled.

The ISC, considering the rest of the galaxy to be full of dangerous lunatics, stayed out of the General War. When it ended, they declared themselves to be peacekeepers, but were they really after conquest?

The Andromedans, a minor nuisance for decades, launched a full-scale invasion of the galaxy just after the General War ended. Can the empires work together to survive, or will they fight in a burning house?

SFB Module R12: Unusual Ships
Folio pack, includes new ships, counters, scenarios.

Over a hundred new starships come to Star Fleet Battles, but not just any starships. Unusual variants, outrageous designs, prototypes, failed experiments, and the runners-up in design competitions.

  • Heavy war cruisers: if they were good, why were so few built?
  • Stellar fortresses: the final bastions of the General War.
  • Battle frigates: getting something useful out of a small ship.
  • Space patrol ships: two gunboat flotillas, no fighters.
  • Seltorian battlewagons: how the Tholian spheres were destroyed.
  • Fleet oilers: small boring ships, but without fuel, nothing moves.

And dozens more of the strangest and most curious ships ever seen.