New Spy Rules from Killer B Games

Killer B Games has released Geezers Royale, their new spy game with a geriatric twist.

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From the post:

“ Ahh, Geezers Royale. I’ve been expecting you…………”

Your mission,should you choose to accept it, is to immerse yourself in the world of Cold War espionage where men carry Walther PPKs wear dinner jackets and sip martinis and where all foreign women are seductive double agents.

A world where crime lords have vast secret bases guarded by private armies of boiler suit clad henchmen and where World domination is the aim of the game. The world of Geezers ROYALE……….

Features rules for: Gadgets, Panache, Frogmen, henchmen, traps and secret bases.

Utilising the same mechanics that made the 70’s Cops and Robber game Geezers! “Shut it!” so popular and with additional rules mechanics to capture the feel of retro spy action, this new rule book is a stand alone game and ownership of the original Geezers! “Shut it!” Rule book is not required.

83 pages of martini sipping action for £15.