New Smog releases from Smart Max

product_1592683b-1.jpgSmart Max have released two new figures for their Smog steampunk range.

From their announcement:
Two new Characters come out of London’s Smog this month :

Reverend Dudley
Some men have faith, others have lost it. The Reverend Dudley belongs to the latter since God allowed his dearest bride to die. She was found drowned in the Thames but the Reverend never thought it a mere accident, especially since she came back to haunt him. United for better and worse, the couple is cursed. The putrified remains of his young wife lie in a coffin Dudley carries with him at all times, as a reminder that only the death of the Dark Pharaoh will give her peace.

And his charming young wife, Mrs Dudley
The ideal bride for a minister of God, Mrs Dudley was a young pious woman, wholeheartedly involved in several charitable societies. On her way to White Chapel she was abducted by Necromancers and slaughtered during a ritual designed to protect the Dark Pharaoh’s vessel. When Mrs Dudley found in her soul the strenght to come back to her husband, she unfortunately ended driving him crazy with sorrow. Now, once again, she stands at his side as they seek together redemption