New Ships Unveiled for Victory at Sea from Mongoose Publishing

By Polar_Bear
In Historical
Sep 11th, 2012

Mongoose Publishing has the 3D renders up of some new ships they’re working on for Victory At Sea.

From the preview:

With the first of our new 1/1800 range of ships about a month away (the Battle of the River Plate box set), we thought you might like to see what will be following them.

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  • Grindar

    The only match I can seem to find for 1/1800 is the Axis and Allies stuff? Anyone else know of anything?

  • kalamadea

    Yup, War at Sea is the only other popular 1:1800 line. Once again Mongoose picks a larger scale than what is popular under the pretense of “it has more detail!”, just so people have to buy THEIR minis. Which would be good business sense, except that just like B5 and Star Trek, there’s smaller, cheaper stuff readily available. Hell, GHQ alone has pretty much anything you’d ever need for WW2 in 1:2400 already, and 1:3000 is extremely popular in UK. I just don’t get Mongoose, it’s like they set themselves up to fail on purpose.