New ShadowSea Expedition Log Entry

AbominationAntiMatter Games have updated the ShadowSea blog has been updated with a new Expedition Log entry.

From their announcement:
“…. Musketfire suddenly echoed through the cavern and clouds of smoke obscured my sight, but I could see soldiers panicking, dropping their weapons and turning to flee. One was lifted from his feet, then pulled into the darkness amid horrifying screams. Then I saw the thing, a monstrosity of unimaginable loathsomeness… The thing, I could not say it was a creature, rolled like a wave of pulsing flesh over a group of soldiers, grasping one with a flailing tentacle and stuffing it into one of its many gaping maws while crushing another under its bulk… ”

A new expedition log entry has been posted on the ShadowSea blog, describing the continuing exploits of Pilny the Aged and his team of adventurers in the Underlands. Some concept art from the game and a map of the battle scenario with victory conditions are included.