New Rezolution PDF products and new issue of Data Dump available

Aberrant have made two of their Rezolution rulebooks available as PDF files from Wargame Vault. In addition, a new issue of their Data Dump e-zine is also available.

From their announcement:

Aberrant are pleased to announce the Release of Rezolution: A Dark Tomorrow and Rezolution: Outbreak PDF versions, available now through Wargame Vault.

Rezolution: A Dark Tomorrow 28mm Science Fiction Miniatures Combat
Welcome to 2175 and the exciting science fiction miniatures game of Rezolution. Take control of an elite group of warriors in a galaxy teetering on the brink of destruction. Rezolution is a tabletop miniatures game for two or more players where you take control of one of the many splintered forces of humanity or its dark alien enemies. This book provides you with all the rules you need to play and build your force.

Contents Include:

  • Rules: A complete guide to how fight out the battles of the future on your tabletop, including psychic craft users and devious hackers.
  • A History of the Future: A complete background and timeline of how A Dark Tomorrow came to be.
  • Faction Lists: Complete details of the forces of the CSO, APAC, Dravani and the Ronin. As well as special characters and Mercs.
  • Assignments: Missions for your forces, including variant options so a game will never play the same twice. Plus Research & Destroy a complete mini-campaign.
  • Hobby Guide: Detailed instructions on how to build terrain for your games and paint your models.
  • Plus tips on tactics, stories, amazing artwork, templates and much, much more.

Special Offer: Buy the Rezolution: A Dark Tomorrow pdf version and receive a print copy for free – you just pay shipping. Details are sent out with your Order Details

Rezolution: Outbreak 28mm Science Fiction Miniatures Combat

First supplement for Rezolution: A Dark Tomorrow

January 2175 The violence is no longer contained in the shadows of the towering megalopolises, but has spread like a disease across the globe and into the depths of space. Corporate warships clash above Mars, while sinister cults breed in the slums of the outer cities and wastelands spreading their message of destruction amongst the lost and disenfranchised. Alien hands reach out across the stars and sow the seeds of destruction and on the seeming tranquility of the Moon, the unthinkable has happened.

Welcome to the Outbreak of War.

Cities falling from the sky, rogue psychics in the Arizona wastelands and all contact has been lost with the lunar city Serenity and that’s just in January. The epic adventure continues in the first supplement for Rezolution containing over 20 new missions including linked storyline assignments, new characters, new environmental effects and complete Campaign Rules. Now you can create your own characters and take your force from game to game, gaining in experience and skills; add new equipment, and upgrade your hackers. A new faction enters the arena, the Vatacina. Down through the ages they have watched and waited but now their time is at hand.

Contents Include: Over 20 new assignments. Complete Campaign Rules. Paycheck: map-based campaign system, where rival crews vie for control of city sectors and vital infrastructure. The Vatacina: the secret origins of the Vatacina revealed, as well as complete background on this mysterious and deadly force. New equipment and weapons. Upgrade your hackers with new boards and programs. New environmental effects.

Plus new fiction, artwork, color sections and much more.

Visit Aberrant website for details of our full range of Rezolution miniatures.

Data Dump #6
We have also uploaded the last issue of Data Dump to the Wargame Vault website for free download. Future issues will also be published on the Wargame Vault website as well as our own Website.

Look out for further PDF releases on Wargame Vault for both Rezolution and Warlands in the future.

We thank you for your continued support of Aberrant and our products.