New Renders and Stretch Goals for Mutant Chronicles

Modiphius is showing off some new stretch goals and 3d Renders, as well as some sketches over in their Mutant Chronicles Kickstarter campaign.


From the update:

We cruised passed the £60k Stretch Goal and unlocked the Guide to the Dark Soul & Apostles – this book is going to be 248 pages (we’ve unlocked part 1 with 128 pages, the next £6k goal will unlock the extra 120 pages) and is £40 / $64. There will be a later Stretch goal to unlock the colour hardcover upgrade which will be a free upgrade for backers who choose this Add On or have it as part of their pledge.

The Guide to the Dark Soul & Apostles will have a lot of art, tons of never before seen material on the history of the Dark Legion, the origins of the Dark Soul, their previous wars, Pluto, the world of Nero, much more detail on each of the five Dark Apostles, the citadels, the ships, forces, equipment and strategies. No serious Nepharite should be without this book!

  • 4tonmantis

    I was looking at Warzone Resurrection’s Kickstarter and from what I saw there, they still haven’t filled the orders that are waiting on that.. but they’re already running another kickstarter? Love the models though… just won’t touch the Prodos stuff until it’s actually on the shelves..

  • madzerker

    different company. This is Modephius who did the Cthulu Acthung! rpg kickstarter last year and did good with it

  • cybogoblin

    The bulk of the unfulfilled Warzone minis are the Heavy vehicles, which Prodos were getting resculpted as the detail on first batch was not up to scratch.

    Some people had not received anything they pledged for, but that was due to a dodgy courier company losing or not delivering the packages. At least they didn’t get Defiant Games to produce the minis for them.