New Render for Thon

Thon is showing off a new 3d render. This one’s for Ela, Highborn Matriarch.


From the preview:

April has been heavily devoted to bringing the Highborn up to speed with the other factions. This month will see the release of their beta materials, the Build Force Tool – Highborn options as well as the rest of the Highborn models finishing up. First up is their matriarch, Ela.

She is just about done, with a few tweaks, then off to prototyping.

  • blkdymnd

    Is this a game yet? I think I remember a Kickstarter, don’t know if it made it or not. Looks like some models are drafted, but nothing for sale yet. Where is the progress so far?

    • The Kickstarter had funded, but then backers were backing out very quickly. It didn’t look like it was going to make it after all, so it was cancelled. As-such, the company has continued on their own at a much-reduced pace from what was expected from a Kickstarter project, basically putting out previews when they can rather than right after another.

  • JRV

    Polar Bear is right – I cancelled the KS – there wasn’t enough to cover all of the plastic tooling (200K), so I switched to metal to do it here in the states for less. Things have been moving forward every day and I am looking to have Faction Starters available in the coming months.

    We have a newsletter signup on the site for all the latest, as well as a beta and force builder (BFT) – check it out. (hope that its ok that I post PB)

    • No worries. It’s alright.
      Always glad when companies can continue on, in spite of difficulties.