New releases from Tales of War

Tales of War have announced a new release for Ron and Bones as well as a new 54mm fantasy sculpture.

From their announcement:

Hi Guys.

Another month is here and a new round of releases as well. It’s non-stop.

First we have a new character to enrol in your crew. She has not needed more than a month to become the most popular character from buccaneers’ box.

Here she is, Lady Buller…
Design: Pedro Nuoez. Sculpt: Simon Remis Paint: Jose Manuel Palomares.

“The cup half full of a wonderful cabernet sauvignon of the vineyard of Duke, shone under the lights of the lamps that lit the large main hall of the palace.
-My dear hubby, this elixir is exquisite. I would not mind to stay here and drink it all. Long ago I hate your presence. But I have to admit that your current company and “condition” are totally comforting for me. – Lady Buller argues.
The Duke of Palm Creek, Jans deBoer look puzzled the scene, staring into space. A thick pool of crimson liquid baths his figure now lying on the ground. The Duchess pulled his feet so that the viscous liquid velvet stain her suede boots.
Then Ambrose, the family butler appeared at the door.
-Ups…- Ambrose Butler exclaims, without showing a shred of emotion to that fact.
-He encountered,- replied Buller.
-Certainly, Madam, I am quite sure that dagger in his back has not had anything- he says.
– Tell my sister, her lover, my husband looks for her to seeing here in the main room- Lady Buller says innocently.
She rose from the table and she walked up to the body of her dead husband, then thrown a ring that she was holding in her hands, where despite the multiple scratches, etching could still be read, ‘For the everlasting love’.”

Some pictures of her: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

After a long time without any new release in the general line!, here you have a new one. In this development had been involved the collaboration of several members of the Spanish team.

Here we present Ithanir Snowwalker (54 mm). The sculpture is by Fernando Prieto Carbonell (Nano). For the painting section we counted with JMPN’s hands as usual, but we have also had the collaboration of Toni Nieto, great modeller and friend who wanted to contribute their bit to promote this special release with this fantastic work.

Ithanir Snow walker(54mm):