New releases from Olleys Armies

Olleys Armies have added new Scrunt miniatures to their online store.

Mutant Bio Chambers

From their announcement:

Hello all,

We have just added the following new miniatures to the Olleys Armies Miniatures website.

SF Ogre, he measures about 36mm foot to eye level. You can choose from 4 variations of head and 3 variations of weapon arms, they can even be used with GW weapon arms. Price £9.50

Psychic Mutant Flying Saucer, this compliments the Scrunt Psychic ranges but could very easily be used with any Pulp SF 28mm scale range. Again this has a choice of head variations. Price £10

Mutant Scrunt Bio Chamber Kit, with a choice of 3 variations of mutant clone. Bio Chamber kit is made up of 7 pieces. Price £12

Scrunt Thunderhawk Jetbike, this is a large piece weighing in at 260g. Its Overall Length 100mm X Overall Height 70mm. Price £19.99

Scrunt Mutant Hunter with Dog, this is the forerunner to a set of Scrunts called The Mutant Hunter Scrunt Strike Force, which we hope to release next year. This single mini is available to buy now at Price £3

All these minis are cast in high quality white metal.

Please visit the Olleys Armies Website for full details and more pictures.
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