New releases from MLRS Books

MLRS Books have added ten new titles to their online store.

.300 Vickers Machine Gun – Mechanism made easy
The .300 Vickers Medium Machine Gun was chambered to fire the US .300 ’06 rimless cartridge and was made in the United States.

2 1/2 ton Truck 4×2 Federal
The complete user and maintenance manual for the 2 1/2 Federal truck.

21st Army Group in North-West Europe 1944-1945
The text of the Montgomery lecture to RUSI made in October 1945 on operations by 21 AG in Europe 1944-1945.

Airborne Invasion of Crete
British Forces in the Mediterranean were thin on the ground in 1941. Greece had fallen and the evacuated troops were moved to Crete.

Amalgamations in the British Army 1660- 2008
Goff Lumley’s first volume (published by MLRS) looked at Regiments and Mergers in the British Army 1907-2007.

Anti-Tank Mines (MTP 40)
An early pamphlet on British anti-tank mines with instructions on laying and minefield layout.

Army Air Forces Stations
A listing of all USAAF bases in the United Kingdom and in Europe after D-Day.

Attack on a fortified position and combat in towns
A valuable pamphlet instructing US Forces on the best methods of attacking fortified positions.

Canadian Participation in Operation ABERCROMBIE
The Canadian Army account of Operation ABERCROBIE

Cavalry Training 1907
The Cavalry Regiments of the British Army were held in high regard before the First World War and their training was to a high standard.