New releases from Miniature Design Studio

Miniature Design Studio have released several packs of 28mm historical miniatures.


From their announcement:

I’m pleased to be able to say that I’ve finally got the latest MDS releases in stock and up on the website.

The planned release has changed slightly, so that more of the ranges have had extra figures added to them. This will become a regular format for all future releases, with each range being constantly added to until complete.

New releases for December are:


  • HE09040 Hittite 3 man Chariot.
  • HE09030 Hittite Archer
  • HE09031 Hittite Archer
  • HE09032 Hittite Archer


  • PI09020 Pict Crossbowman
  • PI09021 Pict Crossbowman
  • PI09030 Pict Warrior
  • PI09040 Pict Archer
  • PI09041 Pict Archer


  • BE09040 Berber Cavalry
  • BE09041 Berber Cavalry
  • BE09042 Berber Cavalry

Sassanid Persians

  • SP09013 Sassanid Archer
  • SP09014 Sassanid Archer
  • SP09015 Sassanid Archer

The website has also been updated with lots more painted figures from the very talented Andrew Taylor of We’ve also had some great pictures sent in from customers that are now in the Gallery page.

I’d also like to say thank you to all of the MDS customers and friends, both new and old, who have made 2009 such a great year for myself and Miniature Design Studio. I hope that everyone has a happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

All MDS Miniatures are 28mm and are supplied with all necessary weapons and equipment.