New Releases from Mad Robot Miniatures

Mad Robot Miniatures has their new Colonial Defense Squad and Bulldog Rifle bit available over in their webshop.


From the post:

Mad Robot has released a new line…Colonial Defense Forces.

They have added many new parts to the existing CDF line and thus completed the full CDF regiment as well.
The full squads and individual parts are available now at the WEBSTORE

Also released is a new rifle…the Bulldog

  • 4tonmantis

    I don’t understand why this article title is posed as a question..

    • The Mad Robot

      I think they’re just having some fun 🙂

      When the DaNamians released, the headline was “Do you have a jungle that needs fighting?”

      • I’m not quite sure why it’s a question… or even how that happened. O,o
        So that’s been fixed.

        • The Mad Robot

          Lol, I was kinda hoping it was on purpose. Fits in with the whole “mad” thing 😉

  • Acharnement

    Just my humble suggestion of course, but how about adding the scale of the miniatures?

    • The Mad Robot

      Thanks, 28mm heroic.