New releases from Dark Sword

Dark Sword Miniatures have several new 28mm fantasy figures available for sale from their online store. They have also sent along some quick notes about their experiences at Gen Con 2010.

From their announcement:

We had a number of new releases at Gen Con Indy, many of which were not even posted on the Dark Sword site as greens.  Many of these new releases are now here and ready for shipping out.

We have the following new releases:

1. Dark Sword 8th Anniversary SteamPunk Jen Haley mini by Tom Meier
2. Thief of Hearts # 3 – Fallen Angel – by Jeff Grace
3. Thief of Hearts # 4 – Sword Mage – by Jeff Grace
4. GRRM Masterworks – Shae – by Tom Meier
5. GRRM Masterworks – Dany V2 – by Tom Meier
6. VIF – Female Amazon – by Jeff Grace
7. VIF – Mouse Warrior – by Dave Summers
8. VIF – Beaver Druid – by Dave Summers
9. VIF – Guinea Pig Samurai # 2 – by Dave Summers
10. VIF – Guinea Pig Samurai # 3 – by Dave Summers
11. VIF – Owl Mage – by Dave Summers
12. VIF – Tortoise Cleric – by Dave Summers
13. VIF – Ceratosaurus – by Jeff Grace
14. Limited quantitys of VIF – Triceratops (Resin Kit) – by Jeff Grace (more are on the way along with more of the Triceratops with Amazon Rider)

We had the last minute push on new molds and casting for Gen Con Indy and then a huge success at Gen Con Indy. It was out best Gen Con ever with the booth so crammed full of people that we will expand to two booths next year to open up more shopping and viewing space. In addition, the Gen Con painting competition was a huge success for Dark Sword as we had more entries than any other company.

These are all big milestones. As always it is my favorite part of the show to shake hands with the collectors who appreciate what Dark Sword does in terms of our style of miniatures. I also was able to hang out and eat some great meals with the talented folks Dark Sword gets to work with all year. I did not get nearly enough after-hours gaming in, but I am going to get more in next year for sure.

Most of the miniatures above have the full painted studio models posted up as well for your viewing pleasure.

We also have painted pics of the 1st place Single mini winner for Gen Con which happened to be a stunning Marike version of Cersei Lannister. Check it out on the site as we link to it right from our home page. Amazing does not describe it enough.

We are already moving forward with many new sculpts. Three more critters are already done that I know you will really enjoy. Pics to be posted in the weeks ahead.